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Day 2

In Uncategorized on June 1, 2012 by madaro2001

It started a little shaky, but not too much.  Not like it could.  I never can understand that next day and why it is never predictable.  I have drunk so much I puked and then drunk another six pack.  The next day, nothing.  Its so damn deceiving because the next night it might be just a 40 oz.  or three beers , but the day after that is pure agony.  I will eat at least eight aspirin, drink a gallon of water and eat as much as I can.  Nothing will get rid of it.  Just time.  And a little pain.

But today wasn’t too bad.  Sometimes the best way to tell how things are going to is by how badly I want to brush my teeth when I wake up.  This morning it wasn’t that big of an urge.  I knew I could make it past the coffee in the morning before I took on that task.

That’s where I left it.  Have to wipe all of that clean.  Start all over and remember what it was like before that first one.  Try and remember what I enjoyed.  So that is what I will do today.  I will try.