Day 2

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It started a little shaky, but not too much.  Not like it could.  I never can understand that next day and why it is never predictable.  I have drunk so much I puked and then drunk another six pack.  The next day, nothing.  Its so damn deceiving because the next night it might be just a 40 oz.  or three beers , but the day after that is pure agony.  I will eat at least eight aspirin, drink a gallon of water and eat as much as I can.  Nothing will get rid of it.  Just time.  And a little pain.

But today wasn’t too bad.  Sometimes the best way to tell how things are going to is by how badly I want to brush my teeth when I wake up.  This morning it wasn’t that big of an urge.  I knew I could make it past the coffee in the morning before I took on that task.

That’s where I left it.  Have to wipe all of that clean.  Start all over and remember what it was like before that first one.  Try and remember what I enjoyed.  So that is what I will do today.  I will try.



Day 1

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Day 1

I drank a 40 oz. Mickey’s on the way home last night.  The problem with the 40 oz. is that it doesn’t have the puzzles on the cap or the wide-mouth for that matter. 

I never minded the taste.  You don’t want to let it get hot, but the taste is slightly below what I would consider to be an acquired taste.  40 oz.  That’s a lot to get down before it does become an acquired taste. 

The puzzles.  Not much point in those when you are driving down the road.  Its just knowing that they’re on the cap.  Maybe when I get home I would do one of the puzzles.  That’s if they were there or if I really cared when I got home.    

About three years ago in my sister’s first attempt at marriage I rediscovered Mickey’s.  Her then father in-law brought over a six pack of Mickey’s.  The idea of a grown man drinking Mickey’s never occurred to me.  It was a great novelty.  I grabbed one out of the fridge and drank from that extra wide mouth sipping it in.  It wasn’t bad.  Nothing like what I remember in high school.   And I loved the puzzles.  I drank all of his beers and gave him mine in exchange just so I could do the puzzles.  I sat exchanging them with people around me. 

It was really the only thing I remember about that day.  That and my sister’s father in-law never realized there were puzzles on the inside of the caps.  How the fuck do you miss a thing like that? 

This was a planned 40oz.  The last in a while and the last of the day.


Hello world!

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This is a test.  I now have a blog and nothing of interst to say.  This could be an extremely short lived idea.